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Big up your website with these business tips

As read this article, you’ve probably got about ten other tabs open at once, don’t you? After the first sentence, you’ve had a wee look at Facebook, checked Twitter, made sure you’ve not had any fresh emails in the past minute, checked Facebook again, then moved onto the next sentence.


Indeed, the internet has reduced the attention span of many people to a big fat zero. Like a mayfly with amnesia, we scuttle from one social network to the next with the aimlessness of The Big Lebowski on a Kahlua binge.

Our attention spans are flagging so much that we’ll only wait for up to four seconds for a website to load before closing a page.

Just imagine a business having to compete with such low-patience thresholds. With billions of other websites trying to make their voices heard, your business can sometimes feel like it’s doing nothing more than screaming into the void.

With that in mind, what can you do to get noticed and hold you audiences’ attention?

Give service – with class

Have you ever waited for a package? You have to sit in your house from 9am Monday until 10pm Friday, hope you’ll hear the doorbell ring, only to find a note on your doorstep saying, “Sorry we missed you! Will try again within the decade!” It’s like You’ve Got Mail crossed with Waiting for Godot.

That’s why, if you’ve made a sale, you have to use international courier services that won’t take aeons to deliver to your customers. Hire the best and you’ll find more repeat customers will flock your way.

Know the game

Google and its myriad algorithms and restrictions are nothing more than a big game – and the best players always surface to the top. How do you become one of these players? With a high-quality site, naturally.

Numerous companies can help you in your endeavours for search engine optimisation (SEO), putting you at the top of Google’s search engine results (here’s another mayfly-like fact for you: people generally won’t look past the first three search results on Google. So, you better prioritise SEO).

The cream of these companies can even help you in terms of web design and social media interaction – your new-fangled company will definitely need a Facebook and Twitter account – so give them a chance for great results.

Be snappy

If the average attention span is so low, then you have to do everything in your power to keep people hooked – and that means responding to queries as quickly as possible.

Assign a member of your staff to respond to customer questions as quickly as they can. With every quick answer or remedying of a problem, your customers will trust your business all the more.

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