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5 Cleaning Rules To Stick On Your Office Fridge

The office can be a dirty place, and the office kitchen is no exception. In fact, office kitchens can become very unhygienic if precautions are not taken to keep it clean and sanitary. At least once a year you should hire a professional cleaning company, such as AMC Brisbane, to give the kitchen a proper clean. To keep the kitchen well maintained, however, here are 5 basic cleaning rules.

Keep all Food in Suitable Containers

There is nothing worse than someone’s food spilling and going through the office fridge. Not only does it create a mess, if anything isn’t properly cleaned it can become sticky and hard to remove and, overtime, can contribute to an unpleasant odour. In order to reduce personal costs, many people bring their own lunch to work. This is fine, providing their food is kept in a container that is airtight and leak proof. There are many Tupperware containers available that are spill resistant and airtight. As an added advantage, many of these containers are usually suitable for microwaving and freezing.

Use Disposable Materials

Quite often, in the office kitchen, everyone uses the same cleaning sponges or cloths. While this may be convenient and save money, these items can quickly build up germs and become odorous. Germs are then transferred from sponges and cloths to the glasses, cutlery, crockery and containers when you wash them. It is much more hygienic to use disposable kitchen wipes that are moistened with disinfectant, which can be thrown away after each use.

Office Fridge

Office Fridge

Clean as you Go

It is easy to make a mess when you are in a rush and desperate for food. It is important, however, when you are using a shared kitchen that you clean up after yourself. Make sure you clean up as you prepare your food, and wash your utensils, plates and/or containers as soon as you finish eating, to avoid a build up of dirty kitchenware.

Regularly Clean the Microwave and Fridge

Of all the items used in office kitchens, the ones that get the messiest are the fridge and microwave. Both appliances need to be cleaned inside to avoid a build up of grime and food debris. This is particularly important in a microwave, because the longer food residue is left in the microwave, the harder it becomes to remove. It is also a good idea to regularly clean the outside surfaces of appliances, such as the keypad and buttons of the microwave and fridge handles to avoid an accumulation of grease and germs.

Ensure Rubbish Removed Each Day

Rubbish collects fast in an office kitchen and while it cannot be avoided, it is important that all food waste is disposed of in an outdoor bin at the end of each day. If your office doesn’t have cleaners, create a roster to make rubbish removal a job that everyone shares. Removing the rubbish each day also discourages pests such as ants or rodents.

By sticking up these 5 cleaning rules on to your office fridge you and your co-workers can eliminate germs and keep your office kitchen fresh, clean and tidy. Are there any other rules that are used in your office’s kitchen?

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